Monday, September 2, 2013

September = Apples

Remember those picture-calendars from our elementary school days?  Above the name of the month would be some kind of icon that represented that month, i.e. a Christmas tree for December (although now it might be referred to as a holiday tree), a heart for February, a shamrock for March, etc.

For September, there was always a big apple, right?  To symbolize the beginning of the new school year.

That's the context of today's post.  To me, September will forever be associated with apples. 

Yesterday, for breakfast, I took a perfectly good box of dry, premade pancake mix and added:

2 packets of long-neglected apple cider mix
1 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
Number of eggs called for on the box
Amount of milk called for on the box

In this house, one does not make just a batch of pancake doubles it and freezes any leftover flapjacks for later in the week.  Thus, the amounts listed above reflect a doubling.

Served hot off the griddle with some yummy, GMO-free, organic apple butter gifted to us by friends.

The entire breakfast made me happy.  But, like with most recipes, the final product is three seconds off the grill/griddle/oven/stovetop/etc. when I start thinking about modifications.

So...for next time (hopefully not next September), I will add some grated fresh apple and substitute some apple cider for the milk.

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