Thursday, May 2, 2013

Well, I'll Never Get That Month Back!

Had it not been for a faithful reader in Ohio, wondering where I was, I would not have realized that nearly a month had passed since my last post.

I sure hope that this month-disappearing-in-the-blink-of-an-eye thing is a passing fad, and that time begins to slow down soon.  I have no coping mechanism available at this time if it doesn't.

There's several things I suppose I could talk about here at Be Food.  I've just come home from working an event (part of a grade for a class...a.k.a Free Labor), and I've been treated to an evening of sloshy, sloppy, slothy, self-indulgents who want little more than their prime rib buffet and free Barefoot wine.

But...I'm already a little bitter about that, so it's best for all parties involved if I don't go there right now.  I suppose I could talk about how my third term ends later on this month, and how excited I am to move into the baking side of Culinary Arts.  I also suppose I could go into detail about my upcoming, culinary field trip to Spain this summer.  I dareday I could discuss with you my new job at the Corporate Chef at Tassel Ridge Winery.  Or, we could talk more Michael Pollan's new book, "Cooked", now available for sale (and that I'm dying to read).

Those are all great topics...for another time.  Let's keep it simple, fun, and self-sufficient.

This is the Kolder Salad Dressing Bottle (found here).  I've dabbled in salad dressing-making before, simply because I want my salad dressing to have just a couple more ingredients than my salad...and buying Kraft (etc.) usually means I'm looking at a product with twenty or more ingredients.

This whole going back to school thing has hindered my break from Corporate Food Products, and when I saw this bottle a couple of weeks ago, and it being my birthday and all, I thought there was no better time than the present. to reacquaint myself with the supreme pleasure of making my own salad dressing, marinade, etc.

The first one I tried was the Italian, and I followed the recipe printed here on the bottle.  However, a little tweaking will be in order (needs more salt, maybe?).  Then, I made the Asian dressing and included it on a cabbage salad I made for some winery guests, and I liked the taste much better than the typical cider vinegar-soy sauce concoction the recipe originally called for.  Now, I've got a balsamic vinaigrette sitting in the refrigerator, waiting for a green salad to pop up on the menu!

So far, I like my little gadget.  It's clever, well-made, and therapeutic (the shaking, I mean).  And, just between you and me, it's my own personal little 'up yours' to the SuperFoodCompanies.

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