Sunday, May 19, 2013

So Many Clever Titles...So Little Time!

I try not to play favorites.  I guess it comes from years and years of public education teaching and trying to keep things fair.

And that's why today's post has the title it does.  Because honestly, how could I choose from these potential headings?

Rubik's Cube Steaks

Fingerling-a-Ding-Dong Potatoes

Looking Dressed to Grill

You see my dilemma.

Anyway.  It's a lovely sunny Sunday here in the Midwest.  I don't have school tomorrow, but the kids do.  Severe storms are on their way.  My environs are lovingly arrang'd.  There's nothing left for me to do today except cook dinner.  And my heating method of choice - The Grill, because remember, fire and meat no longer daunt me.

Fingerling potatoes here, soon to be halved, oiled, seasoned, and roasted on a Pampered Chef Veg Tray over the open flame for 25 minutes.  Purple potatoes?  PURPLE potatoes!

Next up.  Ten cube steaks (minute steaks, blade steaks, etc.), prepared two different ways.  The first five spent half the day in a red wine-olive oil-garlic-lime juice marinade before being thrown onto the grill (after I'd taken the potatoes off and removed them to a warm oven to hold).  The second five were done in the manner of American housewives, circa 1982 = dredged in a seasoned (salt, pepper, thyme) flour and pan-fried.

The tell-tale golden brownish crust from the pan-fry.
The marinated meat was juicy and tasty, but were very fragile when turning on the grill.   Something to keep in mind if that bothers you...steaks that fall apart when manhandled improperly.  Then again, the same could be said for the human race, yes?

The tell-tale juicy look and grill marks from the grill.
From a personal standpoint, I preferred the grilled version.  I thought the marinade flavors came through better (subtle, though), although it was hard to miss the thyme in the pan-fried version.  Grilling the steaks is a little healthier as well...but of course, you all knew that!

Happy Grilling and Hail, Summer!

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