Monday, May 20, 2013

Been A Long Time Since I Had "That" Feeling...

the feeling that I am reading a book SO all-absorbing that I am compelled to come right here and blog about it.

And yet, here I am.

I purchased Michael Ruhlman's Ruhlman's Twenty (and rest of title) about three weeks, and after a quick flip-through, I made his Mac and Cheese with Soubise (discussed here at Be Food on May 1) and Braised Fennel (OMG).

But tonight, I forced myself to sit down and actually begin reading this book instead of referencing it.  The table of contents contains chapters titled 'Salt', 'Water', 'Vinaigrette', 'Poach' and 'Acid' (among others).  Because I'm reading it, I began with Chapter One - 'Think'.

I cannot think of the last book I've read where a chapter has so ardently either A.) reiterated knowledge I already deem important or B.) introduced other key knowledge in an impactfully clear way.

I am actually dying to tell you all about it, but alas, my brain is becoming fogged with the advent of Sleep.  Tomorrow, then.

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