Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 3 of the Detox

Basically, here we are, day three of our four-day diet cleanse, and here's the insights I've gleaned so far:

1. Day One was a breeze...because we were high on the idea of cleansing, getting healthy, etc., and that carried us through the day. 

Side note: Let it not be forgotten, though, around 2:30 p.m., Brent and I were hit with terrible caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

2. Day Two is not a breeze.  We came down from our beginner's high, and spend much of the day either tired, headachy from lack of food/caffeine, or thinking about food.

Side note: This is good.  It's our body's way of punishing us for the crap we put into it over the last few weeks/months/decades.

3. Day Three is mostly awesome.  No headaches from caffeine withdrawal, and we feel pretty confident that We Can Do This...Though, Not Forever.  We have more energy, are more alert and with it.

Side note: Also, bowel movements become, once a day.  We're not craving foods that are mostly bad for us.  This is good.  Our body is on the road to forgiving us for the damage we've done.

Stay tuned for the finale tomorrow!

By the way, want to read more about detoxing?  Check out Natasha Uspensky's blog here.

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