Saturday, December 15, 2012

Soldiering On

You know how there are those certain events in your life in which, when they happen, you know you change in a little, tiny, nearly imperceptible way?

The news of the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut is one of those events for me.  My heart hurts desperately for every single one of those families that will not have their little ones with them at Christmas.

I can't even think of how to reconcile the shooter's actions with what I've believed to be true in this world.  I used to think there were some things that were sacred...that nobody, no matter how sick, would knowingly shoot people in a mall or a church or a school... or any place little kids were.  All of that has been shattered...where are the safe places now?

Every day I understand this world less and less...and I know I'm not meant to.  Things unfold as they should.  But I wonder how I go on from here.  Is it disrespectful to those who've died if I say I want to turn off my computer, internet, the news...and bake gingerbread cookies?  A sweet potato cheesecake?  That I want to try making crepes?

These are things I would have liked to post about here...but somehow it feels like I'm burying my head in the sand.  So, we just carry on.

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