Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Plain Truth

After two weeks of culinary arts school, here's what I know:

The chipping around I do in my kitchen and write about here is nothing like being in a professional workplace.

My emotions have run the gamut these last several days.  I've been exhilarated, discouraged, distressed, exhausted...and I've second-guessed myself a lot.  I've been asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of self-reflecting.

And it's all been wonderful.  I'm being challenged and I'm meeting some amazingly inspiring people.

Tonight, though, might be the turning moment.  About eight of my classmates (and myself) stayed to help with a function the older Culinary students were putting on.  We started around four-thirty, and I and another student were given Crab-and-Tarragon scone duty.  Then, around six, we went out front to the "party" and manned the hors d'oeuvres station.  There, two other students and myself smiled and answered questions about the food.

It was a blast.  Collaborating with classmates, helping out, working with food, feeding and pleasing people, networking...

It is exactly that sublime feeling I've been looking for!

For the days ahead when I'm tired, worn out, burnt out...tonight will be my beacon, my dream, my impetus for continuing.  I think I'm finally starting to feel in my bones that I could do great things!

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