Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

I slept poorly.

I left my house, only to return five minutes because I'd forgotten important parts of my uniform.

I've been wandering about campus since nine, attending various orientations, checking out various clubs, eating a free lunch, and whiling away the hours until my two o'clock class.

And all I can keep thinking right now is can class please, pretty please, just start?  And I sure don't remember thinking that on my first day of classes at Iowa State, way back in the good ol' fall of 1993.  In fact, I don't really remember paying for my tuition at ISU (which of course I must have, how else would they have given me a degree?)...but I certainly know I am paying that bill now.

And that will make all the difference, I suspect.

Not that I didn't appreciate my college education back then.  I did.  Sort of.  It got me a job.  The job got me money.  The money allowed me to start a family, buy a house, etc.  But one day, I dunno, the money wasn't enough.  The job wasn't enough. I am back at Culinary Arts school in a local community college.

And four hours into this whole thing, I can't stop thinking this is SO weird.  To be jockeying for space with all these young people.  Will I be able to compete?  What makes me more special than any of these other culinary students?  Can I do this while I continue to manage my house, family, and job?

And it is on a day like today that I remember the title of this blog here:

To thine own food.

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