Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dessert...As Mother Nature Intended

Two overripe, frozen bananas
food processor/blender 

I know, I know.  Those of you with more savvy than I are castigating me from afar...I am WAY behind the Yonanas craze...because I'm JUST NOW discovering the amazingly custardy and waaay healthfully simple dessert that is the result of the above equation.

Here's what happened.  After doing inventory yesterday, I discovered a half-dozen bananas that were very, very brown and in need of feeling useful.  Naturally, in cases like these, my first thoughts go to banana-flavored baked goods.  So, I put together a loaf of banana bread.  But, two lonely fruits still remained after that was done.  A search on the internet turned up this recipe for One-Ingredient Ice Cream.

Oh, color me intrigued.

Step #1: Place two overripe bananas (which I just happened to have!) in freezer for one to two hours.

Step #2: Remove partially frozen bananas, place in processor, and hit On button.  Scrape down once or twice to reduce chunkage.

Step #3: Eat.

What you're looking at is a bowl of awesomeness.
I think I will, thanks.  And I will probably make this over and over again.

Honestly, with a recipe like this, I won't feel bad about buying a near-ton of bananas when they're on sale ever again.  I certainly don't see myself tiring of this creamy, custardish, cool treat anytime soon.

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