Friday, May 11, 2012

The New Journey Begins...

My iGoogle page has a fun countdown widget, and I've found myself using it frequently.  While I try not to live and die by the countdown, I like having the visual of time passing.

This past Monday, I took the next step on the path of major change.  I registered for my fall term classes at the local community college.  About two months ago, I'd been accepted in the school's culinary arts program, and a few days ago, I was able to secure the courses I need for the first term.

I'm 37 years old, and I feel a bit as if I'm starting all over again.  When I chose to go into education nearly fifteen years ago, I did think my choices (at that time) were limited.  And while I don't regret being in the classroom for the last decade+, I'm excited NOW at the prospect of choosing a career again - this time, with my eyes open.

Everyone wants to know if I'm going to be a if that's the only avenue open to an AAS in Culinary Arts.  I don't know the end game yet, I only know I've just begun.

Luckily, my Bachelor's degree knocked out two classes for fall term (a computer essentials and culture class).  I'm enrolled for eight credits, which I think is a nice number for a old dog like myself.  :)  Without further ado, here's my course load for this coming fall:

Safety and Sanitation: This course introduces the basic principles of safety and sanitation and their relationship to the foodservice industry. Topics include the sanitation challenge, the flow of food through the operation, clean and sanitary facilities and equipment, accident prevention and crisis management and sanitation management.

Food Service Technology: This course offers a broad overview of the food service industry with emphasis placed upon sanitation and safety, terminology, equipment, structure of the recipe, mise en place and basic principles of cooking. The student should become aware of what a foodservice career offers and what a successful foodservice career involves.

Culinary Skills (lab): This course will instruct students in basic culinary skills. Students will become familiar with the safe operation of food processing equipment, develop hand skills and practice proper sanitation techniques. Development of good work habits and effective use of time and work space will be emphasized.

Food Service Lab I: This course allows the student to learn the value of customer service along with the importance of portion control and suggestive selling techniques while applying sanitation and safety practices in a simulated work environment.

Math Principles: This course will use relevant math problems to provide the student with knowledge used in the foodservice industry. The student will develop math skills in solving problems using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents and measurement formulas.

Let the next 107 days come apace!   (Well, sort of....let's have a good, leisurely summer first.)

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