Friday, April 13, 2012

Sourdough: More Than Bread

Okay, so I've been chipping around with a new bread recipe, which you can find at Jenn's Eat Cake For Dinner (Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat Bread).  This bread does not call for that begs the question: to keep my sourdough from getting old, what other recipes can I use it in?

Chocolate cake.  Of course.  When I think of one, I naturally think of the other.

Enter this recipe from (where else?) Sourdough Chocolate Cake.  It was a decent enough jumping-off place.  The end result was a bit dry, and reading through the comments included with the recipe, I discovered certain substitutions that would render a moister cake...I sure wish I'd read the reviews before baking.

But, then, it occurs to me, I have a perfectly good chocolate cake recipe.  An awesome one, in fact.  I found it on the back of a container of Hershey's baking cocoa (but for you, it's here).  The only thing missing is sourdough...but why couldn't I substitute the sourdough for the 1 cup of milk?

Provocative question indeed.  As soon as the dry cake is eaten, I'll experiment!

Despite being on the dry side, cake is cake...and therefore will get eaten at our house!

You'll notice I don't overdo the frosting.  A thin layer is good enough for me.  A wonderful chocolate frosting recipe exists on the same page as the Hershey's cake recipe.

Alternate uses for sourdough starter shall continue!

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