Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recipe Nirvana

It's one of my goals to know a recipe so inside and out that I could do it without ever referring to the stained index card I'd scribbled the directions on.  Alas, there is nothing I make so frequently that I *could* prepare it without a recipe. 

Until now.

I've gotten into a bit of a groove now with the new semester and new schedule.  Tuesday and Thursday are my days off, and thus, they are my bread-baking days.  Remember that I'd begun my sourdough starter in August, and thus, I've been in the habit since August (six months!).  For many of those months, I was using a recipe out of a book I'd borrowed from the library.  Can't say I really cared for it, but I hadn't found anything better...

until I came across the Rustic Sourdough bread recipe at the King Arthur Flour website (  And yes, indeed, I'd struck gold.  And you can find that recipe here.

And yes, just last week, I reached recipe memorization.  I've made the KAF bread so often now, I've committed the recipe to memory.  The recipe itself is a two-loaf batch, and my new Breville mixer was having a tough time with all that dough...but, I resolved that dilemma by mixing it in batches of two.  Solved!

Here's another little fun thing I discovered, just this week: by adding a teaspoon of allspice to one of the doughs, I'd made a delicious "sweet" bread perfect for French toast.  I'd like to try some chicken bouillon next for a savory loaf.

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