Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun With Tomato Juice

This blog entry has quite a backstory, but I'll sum it up quickly.

In making the mega-batch of Red Sauce, I drained roughly 32 oz of juice from a large can of diced tomatoes.  "Waste not, want not", so I froze the leftover liquid, to be used at a later time.

That time was today.  My original thought was to concoct a chili or similar, but then...I had ideas!

Searching online, I found a recipe for Tomato-Basil soup at  With slight modifications (I had no crushed tomatoes or fresh basil) to the soup, today's lunch was soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Raves all around, and I guess now I can say goodbye to Campbell's Tomato Soup.

Thank you -!
That left me with another 20 or so ounces of remaining tomato juice, and I was hankering to do something crazy with it.  And what would be on the other end of the tomato usage spectrum, if innocent, comforting tomato soup is on the another?

The Bloody Mary, of course!  Bloody Maries make me think of my mom...not in an alcoholic, Mommie Dearest-type an one-adult-enjoying-a-drink-with-another-adult type way.  So, another search online turned up a recipe for "Kick Ass Bloody Mary"...and I was sold.  The result?  Very, very good.  Spicy.  Tomato-ey.  Definitely a keeper...not to mention, cheaper than anything I'd find in a bar or buy in a store.

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Huzzah to lycopene goodness!


  1. Love the creative uses of a "scrap" ingredient. Are these actual pictures of your creations? If so I must compliment you on your photographic presentations, very nice.

  2. Thanks - it was quite gratifying to be able to use the leftover juice!

    And, double thank you, as your question reminds me to give photo credit here photo credit is due! :)

  3. HD, I looked at the allrecipes site and found a number of choices so I don't know which tomato basil you made. We don't eat dairy or meat, so we would choose the one with vegi broth and in place of cream or milk add soy or almond milk. My experience has been (I was a cook in a German/French restaurant in Germany) that the flavor can come out rather close to the same. Have you ever made the Spanish or Portugese version, along the line of gazpacho, those normally do not call for dairy or meat broth.
    Like you blogs.