Friday, August 5, 2011

Obese Sourdough Starter

Today, I created (or attempted to) my own sourdough starter.  I considered capturing my own wild yeast, but in the end, opted for the yeast-flour-water concoction.  Perhaps someday....

So, at about 8:30, I mixed two cups of water, two cups of flour and one tablespoon of yeast.  When I got home after nine holes of golf, this is what was on my kitchen counter.

Yeah, a yeast volcano.  A sticky, pasty mess.  No worries.  I cleaned it up and moved it to a bigger Mason jar.  Good times.  We'll see what happens on Sunday.
Tonight, we ran out of the last of the store-bought bread.  So I pulled out the Light Rye I'd done two days ago.  Another loaf of the same is baking the bread machine right now.  Life is good.


  1. Several years ago I saw a recipe for sourdough starter that did not involve yeast, believe it or not. The recipe may have come from "Beard on Bread", written by James Beard. Anyway, according to Beard, sourdough is one of the most unpredictable breads in existence, affected by everything from climate to elevation. All I really know is that my non-yeast sourdough starter became a non-starter.

  2. Tsk tsk. Bread machine? I gave that up for all the extra work making your own bread entails. However, a bread machine would come in handy these hot days. I cheat. I buy it from the local Amish Community. MMMMM MMMMM GOOD!