Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A One-Day Challenge

Even though I had three weeks, I did not fulfill my freezer-cleaning-out Challenge.  However, that is in the past.  Today brings a new challenge.

I have one day to clear out a significant portion of my refrigerator, which contains these items:

Dozen eggs
Four cups spaghetti sauce
Head (and a bag of prewashed) lettuce
Six cups thawed chili
One bag unpeeled carrots
Half of a loaf of bread
Half container cottage cheese
Five hot dogs
Leftover Tater Tot casserole
A gallon of milk
Half a package of hamburger buns
A partially-used package of diced ham

The menu today stands as thus:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and ham

Lunch: Leftover TT casserole for kids, chili and salad for us

Dinner: Hot dogs, spaghetti

Snacks: Cottage cheese

My primary concerns are the spaghetti sauce and the milk.  Looks like it's calcium overload today!

We are very likely doing a big breakfast before we get on the road tomorrow, so I've decided to pack the following for snacks and "lunch" along the way: oranges, sandwiches, and carrots.

Corking good plan, yes?

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  1. I shudder to think what our refrigerator may hold, but you have at least made a plan to use what is before it reaches the "why are we refrigerating green tennis balls" stage.