Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hail, Kale!

If there's one thing I've learned during the writing of this blog, it's that I've lived a very sheltered life, culinarily and nutritionally speaking.

Kale is another vegetable I never had growing up.  It's the weird, really curly stuff I'd see in the vicinity of the cabbage and spinach (vegetables I didn't have very often as a child, either).  I never really knew if it was a stiff kind of parsley or romaine lettuce.

And for years (even into my thirties, I freely and ashamedly admit), I confused kale and kelp.  That's an ignorant landlubber for ya.  At any rate, I was never impelled to pick up a bunch of kale for any reason...which is too bad, because it's REALLY good for you and versatile and stuff.

Until now (not being impelled to pick up kale, that is).  First, though, let me explain how it came about:

1.  Husband receives an iPad for his birthday (this last February).
2.  Tech-savvy husband uploads a bunch of free, fun apps onto iPad (including the infernal "Angry Birds").
3.  Husband lets wife play with new iPad, but not before he uploads a free app from, just because he knows she loves cooking and preparing and reading about food.
4.  Wife has blast looking up, and trying, new recipes including a turnip gratin, roasted asparagus, etc.  A whole new world of vegetable dishes opens up before her eyes.
5.  Wife finds a neat-looking, super-easy recipe for Tuscan Kale Chips.  She files it in her recipe box for later referral.
6.  Wife takes a full-time substitute teaching job and is kind of absent from the kitchen for about three months.  Tuscan Kale Chips are on backburner.
7.  About a week and a half ago, daughter is watching random TV cooking show in which one of the items being prepared is Kale Chips!  She raves to her mom (me) about how cool they look and easy they seem.  She does not know of the recipe stored in her mom's Epicurious recipe box.  Mom realizes the universe is speaking to her and that it is time to make Kale Chips. 

Here's the recipe here: (Tuscan) Kale Chips.  The kale I used is of the curly variety, not Tuscan; thus, I really cannot refer to these as Tuscan Kale Chips.

The only problem?  I salted the leaves too much before putting them in...otherwise, I really, really, really liked them, as did everyone else, except Kirby (who, ironically, was the impetus for making them in the first place).  And speaking of...

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  1. Like this, we did the same, interesting. Usually we make a kale and potato soup, a dutch traditional dish. The wife also makes a tomato italian kale thing that is really good hot or cold.
    Eat a variety of things, it's the spice of life.