Saturday, May 21, 2011

Groceries - May 20 - Rapture

This Week's Spending: $44.18   Total Grocery Expenditures for May: $267.16

Heather's Tip of the Week: Grocery shop on a Friday night when you are:
a.) very tired
b.) full from a great dinner
c.) towing the entire family

I guarantee if you do these things, your grocery shopping trip will be short, thus, relatively inexpensive.  Why?  Because you want to get things done so you can go home and take a hot bath, watch 'Glee', and read your copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" before you collapse from exhaustion around ten o'clock.  You won't waste time deliberating over whether or not to buy lunchmeat this just won't.

Spending-wise, though, May is shaping up to be a pretty sweet month.  I really, really don't regret that forty dollars' worth of hamburger I spent earlier this month, because it's paying itself forward now.

Again, dairy and produce account for nearly a third of the total - which I think is good.  Eggs were not on sale this week and neither was cottage cheese ($2.79 for the cheap store brand at HyVee?!).  I would have to say that Dairy was definitely the No-Bang-for-the-Buck category this week.  Two containers of cottage cheese and two dozen eggs for nearly ten dollars?!  Perhaps it is a sign of the impending Rapture...

The Beverage category consists of a bottle of wine - a local (Indianola-local) winery on sale for $8.  That was my husband's idea.

Yeah, and I suppose I've got to do something about that bread category.  $1.34 a loaf is not terrible, until I recall that I can make my own for much, much, much cheaper.  Perhaps it is time to take a year-long No Store-Bought Bread Challenge?  Who dares me?

The last week of school is now upon us, and I wonder how that will affect my grocery tab.  I theorize spending will increase somewhat with home lunches now being added into the fare, not to mention snacks, etc.  Also, after we get back from Alaska, our stores will be fairly depleted, so it will be time to rebuild.

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  1. I make a lot of homemade bread. You can see the recipes on my blog.