Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh, May! You Make My Day!

May 1st!  It's May!  Yay!

I think I am feeling so darned content today because I was able to spend time puttering in the kitchen.

I made a batch of hummus, pizza dough for tomorrow, pork and pineapple kabobs for the grill, brownies from scratch...

The best part, though, was my ten-year-old daughter Kirby asking (and then proceeding) to make cream cheese frosting for the brownies.

Hummus was a gem I discovered when we lived in Minnesota - sixish years ago.  Since investing in a food processor, whipping up my own now is a breeze (not to mention cheaper).  Chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic - all of which I usually have on hand.  I did invest in a jar of tahini a couple of months ago (found at local grocery store), and I'm just now getting to the bottom third of the jar (after five-six batches of hummus).  I prefer hummus to sour cream-based dips - I eat it with carrots, pretzels, and spread it on my lunchtime Flatout wraps.

Pizza dough was quick and effortless in my bread machine; great for a breakfast pizza recipe I came across.  Breakfast for dinner tomorrow!

Then, the I-must-bake-something-itch took hold of me today and I had to scratch it.  A quick flip through an elementary school cookbook turned up an easy recipe for brownies.  The bake time was off, though, by about ten minutes...nevertheless, nice, moist, dense brownies appeared in front of me 30 minutes later.  Now, because I can eat brownies perfectly well without frosting, to me, the bars were done.  However, when my daughter asks if she can look through her cupcake magazine (a gift for her birthday back in March) for a frosting recipe, I sure won't say no.

Turns out we had all the ingredients on hand for a cream cheese recipe - thanks to a coupon and cream cheese sale I'd taken advantage of a couple of weeks ago.  We made three times the frosting we needed for the brownies, so I was super-glad to read on the Internet that I could indeed freeze cream cheese frosting
And this, my readers, was the star on tonight's bill of fare.  What you are looking at is teriyaki pork, pineapple, and green pepper kabobs.  While my daughter was making the frosting, my sons (12 and 6) were responsible for skewering the goods.  They enjoyed this task immensely...I suppose as it involved sharp metal sticks, food in finger-friendly chunk sizes, and the thought of getting to "poke" things.

Now that May is here, kabobs and other such grill-friendly foods can take their righteous place on the dinner table.

Huzzah!  May!

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  1. So good to read about you back in the kitchen, I know it's been tough with the full time work and such, but I love the happiness I can read in your blog when it's about cooking.

    BTW, would these kabobs be camping possible?