Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Chili Armada

Happy Mother's Day out there to all past, present, and future moms...not to mention those of you with maternal-type inclinations.

Did I leave anybody out?

Today I did a smidge of housework.  I also contemplated doing schoolwork, which I figured could wait until tomorrow.

Instead, I spent the morning in the kitchen (naturellement!) and the afternoon eating food and drinking wine at a Mother's Day brunch held at the local winery.  I probably don't have to detail for you how *that* turned out.  Food, wine, my was like Margarita Garage Sales '09 all over again!

Anyway, more about the kitchen bit.

This week coming up is probably the busiest one of the spring. The hubs and I are in a community theater radio show that is happening on Friday night, so rehearsals all week long.  Then, three kids in soccer means practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and game on Friday.  However, this week, I am prepared!  By that, I mean:

1. Four pounds of premade sloppy joes.

2. A ginormous Paula Deen stockpot full of chili (finished up canned mushrooms and black beans - yay!)

3. Usage of the wilting spinach baby leaves in a super-batch of Spinach-Tortellini soup - for lunch this week.

There is absolutely no reason to eat out in a restaurant this week, not with a stockpile of sloppy joes, chili, and hotdogs.  Check out my chili armada...
Yes, with this fleet, I shall battle hunger.  And laziness.

Due the sparsity of red meat in this chili (mostly beans), it is likely we would drink the white table wine with this dish (top bottle), as opposed to the Beaujolais we would enjoy enjoy more with a grilled steak.


  1. I must say that I like how you spent your afternoon. Before we went to church on Sunday morning my oldest son and wife stopped by and brought me a bouquet of flowers. My husband and youngest son took me out to eat and I spent the afternoon reading before going to a church seminar at 5:30.

    I love my Kindle. I will love it even more after my son's graduation party is over on the 20th. I can hardly wait until I can spend more time reading.

  2. @yellow: It's just kind of a mishmash of something pantry items I threw together, but it's hot and nutritious!

    @Martha: Did you receive the Kindle for Mother's Day? I got mine as a Christmas present, and I, too, love it. And, I too, am looking forward to later on this month when I can spend more time with it!