Friday, May 13, 2011

Grocery Update - May 8th

Can't believe I almost forgot this!

This Week's Spending: $93.32.  Total Expenditures: $162.12.

Fareway had an excellent sale on ground beef ($1.99/lb); however, the package came in ten-pound logs.  So, I bought two.  I figured with warm weather around the way, we'd be grilling a lot more.  Hence, burgers.  Twenty pounds of hamburger ran me at about $40...nearly half of my week's expenditures.

Everything else is evenly distributed.  Aberrations include: Propel 6-packs and Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Cakes (both on sale for 2/$5).  Turns out we were in charge of snacks for my son's soccer team this week - so, we went cheap and nutritious (one of those anyway).

Shockers (but not really) include: a bottle of A1 steak sauce (medium size) at $2.49...and that was with a $1 off coupon!  Also, Kraft grated Parmesan cheese - $3.19!  Egad!  I must find alternatives.  I suspect I could probably make my own steak sauce...the cheese may require more thought.

We leave for a ten-day jaunt to Alaska in about three weeks, and so I have been informed by my husband that he would like to clean out as much of the freezer and pantry as possible in the twenty-one days to come.  I welcome this creative culinary challenge!

Note: I will edit this blog later with total and number amounts and other insights - I am currently without my receipts.

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