Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping Calculations...Continued

A new month, a new grocery budget.

I really have no goals or expectations for shopping this month...save one.  Fifty dollars a week is not realistic right now (or at least, that's my take), so I am going for keeping the month's tally under $400.  Fortunately, I was able to do just that (by the skin of my teeth) last month...the only reason being was that I did not grocery shop at all the last week in April - we lived off of what was already in the pantry, freezer, and refridgerator.

Total Expenditure for April's Groceries: $398.25

I should say that I am pledging to keep better track of my records, receipts, checkbook, etc.  Then, perhaps I will have a more acccurate picture of my spending.

Anyhow, onto the next month.

Grocery Expenditures - May 1-8: $67.97   *Here is the graphic:

To be honest, this is what a normal, typical Nelson grocery shopping pie chart should look like.  Fresh produce (fruit and veg), dairy, and meat take up nearly three-quarters of the spending, and that should be par for the course.

I am pleased with the variety this chart shows.  Ketchup was on sale for .99 a bottle, so I won't need that for awhile.  "Beverages" consisted of a two-liter of ginger ale I'll be using for a crockpot recipe later this week.  I also took advantage of 2/$5 sale on boxes of Cheerios.  So yeah, I do feel I shopped "by the sale" and found decent deals.

However, I think my love affair with string cheese is coming to an end.  A 24 oz. package ran me $5.99 ($7.99 before coupon)...it's the main reason my dairy slice above is so beefed up.  I won't delude myself anymore about forgoing lunchmeat, but string cheese, it's time to do without.  For awhile.  Perhaps I should check the prices at Costco.

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