Sunday, May 15, 2011

Groceries This Week and The Three-Week Challenge!

Now, this is what I'd like my pie charts to look like every week:

Somehow, I just can't get around buying condiments!  That's been a slice in my chart the last several weeks...this week, it was jelly for my kids' lunchtime PB & Js.

The snacks slice is a bit bigger than I'd like, but I took advantage of the 2/$4 deal on graham crackers (got some frozen homemade cream cheese frosting I need to use up - hence, improviso s'mores!).  Also, Ritz crackers to substitute in for the "Lunchables" my daughter wanted to buy for her soccer games on Saturday.

But, fresh produce at nearly a quarter of spending?  Yes, that's awesome.  My cart was laden with watermelon, apples, oranges, and muskmelon.  YUM!  The significantly smaller 'Meat' slice is due to a small purchase of lunchmeat for weekly wraps and sandwiches.

I am pleased with the variety of spending, as well as the low receipt total this week.

Spending This Week: $60.86  -  Total Expenditures: $222.98

Onto to the really fun stuff.  Less than three week remain until our family departs for the great state of Alaska for several days.  I have been issued a challenge by my husband:

"Let's try to eat down as much of our freezer and pantry as we can before then."  Also, he included this corollary: "No restaurants until Alaska."

If you go back through my October archives here, you'll read about our month-long-plus adventures of no-restaurant eating.  It was no problem then, and I anticipate the same now - it's only three weeks, for goodness' sake.

So anyway, Mr. Nelson, the game is afoot.  The challenge is on.

Also, let me briefly, here at the end of things, express my sheer, utter pride at my daughter.  I prepared a carrot cake this afternoon that was a complete EPIC FAIL (double amount of sugar *sigh*).  It was to be our dessert for this evening's meal.   Kirby proceeds to inform me that she can make cupcakes in her Sunbeam cupcake oven for our dessert.  She then does it!  Mostly by herself.  I only had to help work the mixer and fill the muffin cups.  It was glorious!  I love watching her move around the kitchen, knowing where everything is, feeling comfortable in it, etc.  *sigh*

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