Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grocery Shopping - April 22: My Disease

Total Spending This Week: $102.64.  Total After Week Four: $398.25
I have a sickness.  I am addicted to buying meat.

I tell myself every week that it's not a big deal and that I can stop at any time...but, I can't!

In my own pathetic defense, I will say that it was hard to pass up 10 boxes of Hormel Little Sizzlers sausage patties for a buck each.  And, it was hard to pass up the 3-lb bags of frozen chicken breasts for $3.99.  So, that accounted for about $18 dollars of the $27 I spent on meat this week.  The rest of it was lunchmeat and smoked sausage (for which I had a coupon).  One pound of deli-sliced turkey breast cost me $3.74 - too much money, and so I think it's time to take a lunchmeat hiatus.

I can't, with any shred of credibility, promise not to buy any meat products this last week in April  But I will try.

Some things I'd like to point out as you gaze upon my pie chart.

One-third of the pie chart is devoted to dairy and eggs.  Milk, as is expected, runs me about $3/gallon (bought = one).  I've hit the eggs when I've had a coupon or when they're on sale (two 18-packs).  Two small containers of Fage took up $1.98 (that was before I used my coupon).

But here's the thorn in my side - string cheese.  I like it as a snack for myself and the kids - but, at over six bucks a package, the madness has to stop.  Perhaps I should investigate making my own...or maybe I should comparison shop at Costco.

Fruit and Vegetables are non-negotiables; they're always going to be there.  It's not like I can (or even want to) cut them out...anyway, I took advantage of Braeburns on sale (.69/lb) and bags of oranges (4lb bag/$2.99).

Stock up items this week? $4.77 on 150 oz. jugs of Purex laundry soap! Blue Bonnet packages of stick butter for 48 cents! 

Any other insights here?  Oh wait, yes.  Condiments (ketchup), baking supplies (brown sugar), cleaning products (dish detergent and laundry soap), and paper products (paper towels and tp) are all categories that A.) will more than likely not be on the pie chart next week.  And B.) consisted mostly of items that were either on sale or that I used a coupon for ( some cases, both!).

Those of you with a good memory and a head for math now realize that I have one dollar and seventy-five cents with which to spend on groceries next week (keeping under my aforementioned goal of $400/month).

Won't THAT be interesting?!

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