Monday, April 25, 2011

Full vs. Satisfied

Because it is a skinny tome, and something easy to read before bedtime, my husband is perusing Michael Pollan's "Food Rules".

Here are the ones in particular tonight that he brought to my attention...meaning the point struck well-enough home with him that he was impelled to vocalize it.

#46. Stop eating before you are full.
#53. Serve a proper portion and don't go back for seconds.

Both rules get bandied about a lot these days.  However, it's easier said than done, yes?  I mean, if stopping before I got full was as easy as Pollan's wording seems to indicate, I would be doing it every day, every meal, right?  Same with not going back for seconds. for rule #46, what is full?  For most of us, full is that uncomfortable, undo-the-top-button-of-the-jeans feeling.  Physically speaking, 'full' is certain.  We know what full is. 

Pollan suggests we stop eating before we get there.  My husband seems to agree with Pollan, but readily admits his own difficulty in this area.  Here's what Brent suggested to help facilitate rules #46 and #53:

Leave the main entree/high calorie dishes on the stovetop.  If someone wants seconds, they physically have to get themselves up to get it. 

Leave any vegetables and fruits on the table, where we can easily take seconds.  Better to load up on green beans than sloppy joes, right?

Use a wait-time of three or so minutes before getting another helping (if the distance thing does not work).  Use that time to engage in conversation, finish a glass of water, etc. to pass the time.  Maybe by the end of it, the desire to eat more will have passed.


  1. These are terrific ideas! I love the idea of leaving the best choices easy to reach and the worst choices on the stovetop. I'm notoriously bad at having, "just a tad more" of anything on the table. If it's veggies, then great!!

    Another trick of sensing if your full is to eat slower and eat with your eyes closed. It's amazing how much sooner I feel full when the only thing I am concentrating on is how full I am feeling.