Saturday, March 26, 2011

For You, Brent

I recently received a free cookbook titled "Not Just Beans" by Tawra Kellam.  And you know me, cuckoo for cookbooks!

With any new cookbook I get, I like to spend about an hour just reading, looking, dreaming, and planning.  "Not Just Beans" was no different.  Then...action time.

I discovered a recipe for Beef Stroganoff using round steak - which I just happened to have in my freezer.  That's what was for dinner last night - major raves from the male contingent of the family.

But today, in homage to my husband, I lovingly prepared - Blue Cheese Dressing.

The pungence of the dressing comes from this funky-looking dairy product here at left.  You'll notice how UNnatural this food looks, and since it's a product I don't care for, I don't ever stock the dressing in my house.

This is much to my husband's chagrin, because he loves blue cheese dressing.  Along with my mom, they both order it with relish on their salads whenever we dine out.  Ick, but, you know, whatever.

I thought it would be a nice, wifey thing to make a salad dressing (that I detest) for my husband, who then would not always have to order it at a restaurant (where who knows what ingredients it contains).  The recipe was v. simple (I actually "fourthed" the recipe - I mean, one-and-a-half quarts of BLUE CHEESE DRESSING?!  There is only so far I'll go, folks):

1 cup mayo (I used light)
1/4 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup small-curd cottage cheese (I used 1% milkfat)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp (or more) salt for taste
1/4 tsp Worchestershire sauce
3 oz. blue cheese crumbles

I processed everything except 1 oz of the crumbles until smooth, then I mixed in the last ounce for a bit o' chunkiness.  I did add a couple dashes of pepper, because I dig that spice.  Upon tasting, my husband claims it tastes pretty much the same as store-bought...although he would like it if I would add more blue cheese (I guess that's what he digs - yuck).  So, I'll just throw the rest of the crumbles in the next time he uses it.

While making your own salad dressing is fun and empowering, it's only a complete victory if it's actually healthier and cheaper than buying a bottle of store-bought.  Unfortunately, that is information I do not have for you right now.  When I get a bit more time, I'll compile that data, and then we will truly see whether or not I do it again.

For you, Brent.

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  1. My husband is also a blue cheese lover. I retaliate by refusing to kiss him after he eats it until he brushes his teeth. Ick!