Thursday, March 17, 2011

Food TV

My kids enjoy watching the Food Network.  They also like the Game Show Channel.

I know, I know.  I have pretty awesome kids.

Anyway, one show they like is "Chopped".  The premise is a process of elimination - with one chef "winning".  Four culinary neophytes are run through a food obstacle course of sorts. In Round One, the contestants are given three totally random and unrelated ingredients, with which they have to create a palatable and clever appetizers.  And by random, I mean random...we're talking yucca, watermelon, and tortillas (there is also a "pantry" stocked with other basics).

Round Two is the entree.  Round Three is the dessert.  Each round, one contestant is eliminated or "chopped" from competition...and they go home feeling like a loser.

And these newbs are then given twenty minutes to complete.  You can imagine the drama that ensues.

So far, I'm okay with the show.  It's clever - seeing how inventive and clever these wannabe-Emerils can get.  Also, working under pressure - I get it!

But, after every round, the dishes are paraded out for a panel of tasting judges, of whose credentials I'm skeptical of.  Anyway...

The judges are honest and will inform each contestant of their dish's shortcomings.  They also praise when it's due.  And this is where things go south.  The entire show is now about WHO FAILED THE LEAST.  What do the judges expect when greenback chefs are given ridiculous ingredients and a constrained time limit?  On top of that, bombard them (in front of each other) with criticism when they don't produce the most amazing thing ever?

I dunno - it just kinda epitomizes the direction our society is going.  Distressing, really.

Also, the kids like to watch "Cupcake Wars".  As if strife and conflict doesn't happen around the world everyday, now people war over cupcakes.  Sheesh.

I'd abolish the TV from my house if I could - but I don't think I could get my husband to go for it.

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