Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretzel Time!

My new bread machine has a dough setting, and naturally, we had to try out the soft pretzel recipe.

Easy breezy peazy, really. In fact, making the dough was simple - Mr. Oster did it. The time-consuming part was actually rolling the dough out and twisting it. However, the final products were consumed most heartily by all family members, and even Elliot claimed,

"Mom, these taste exactly like the ones we get at the swimming pool!"

There are no higher accolades than that. Of course, what little Elliot doesn't know is that Mom's pretzels contain nothing but water, flour, a little salt and sugar, and yeast.

Enjoy the before and after pictures. Notice that we have not honed our pretzel-bending skills. Very rough, we are, indeed.

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