Sunday, October 17, 2010

Education Makes The Man(icotti)

First, a thing about our No-Restaurants experiment. This past weekend, we traveled with good friends to Kansas City to the Renaissance Fair. We made a pit stop at Gino's Italian Cuisine in Kearney, and I'm not exaggerating (much) when I say Brent and I both copiously salivated for days before the trip. It would be our first outing since the inception of NR. And really, the food was good...but I wouldn't say it was the most amazing meal of my life. And yes, both Brent and I spent some time on the toilet the next morning because of it. (Better on it than in it, I say)

So, end point, the experiment continues (although, it seems less of an experiment now and more of a lifestyle choice). The kids agreeably are on board with continuing, so now maybe the challenge is to see how long we can go before we cave into the pressure/desire to visit a local eatery.

Second, my obsession with purchasing food-related texts is nearly at a climax. I have not even finished with Marion Nestle, and yet, my latest purchase is Fix Freeze and Feast. Essentially, the book's recipes are doubled, tripled, quadrupled (and beyond), so that the reader can freeze several entrees in advance. The variety of recipes means I'm not stuck making a helluva lot of casseroles for the rest of my natural-born life.

As I learn more about the production of frozen foods (via Nestle), the more that making my own "frozen dinners" appeals to me. I can guarantee the pan of Pizza Casserole I froze Wednesday night does not contain Yellow No. 5 or Xanthan Gum. The 20 cups of Black Bean and Vegetable Chili I made today has probably most of a day's worth of vegetable requirement, as opposed to vegetable-sounding products one may find in a can of store-bought soup.

Some people stockpile arms and ammunition, I stockpile pans of manicotti. I suppose it is my cross to bear in this life.

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