Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Three-Week Mark

Week Three of No Restaurants is rapidly approaching, and I honor that anniversary with a quick rundown of important happenings.

1. When it comes to literature I have read about food, there are three that form My Power Triad:

"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver
"Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan
"Food Rules" by Michael Pollan

So, I have recently purchased a new book, which I think I have mentioned here already: "What to Eat" by Marion Nestle.

And now, the Power Triad shall become the Power Quad.

Page twelve is when I came across this tidbit: "Nearly half of the typical family's food budget goes for foods prepared and eaten outside the home, where businesses with motives having nothing to with health are in control of content and amounts."

<---- That was me when I read that. We were about a week or so into the OOR Experiment, and talk about vindication! Never had I felt so justified about this project we're doing as when I read that.

2. Here's something else I realized this week: restaurants are an insanely significant part of our lives. This past Thursday was a pretty good day, and because of that, I thought we should celebrate the benevolent nature of the universe. My very first automatic thought: Let's go out for dinner! After recognizing (rather quickly) that was not an option, I was at a loss for how to observe the occasion. Then, Brent and I embarked on a Date Night last night...and we chose to enjoy drinks at a local eatery and engage in some karoake. This destination was selected after a process similar to Thursday's...once dining out was ruled out, it was very difficult to decide on a date plan.

It occurs to me that eating out goes very hand-in-hand with celebration and good news and good times. Why is that? I don't know - so I guess that means it's time for research.

3. I turned my husband on today to the wonders of the discount grocery chain Aldi's. He very nearly salivated (openly!) at the choices of goods and their prices. Twenty-five cents for a can of tomato sauce! Fifty-seven cents for a can of french-cut green beans! A $1.25 for a box of Corn Chex! Egads!

All off-brand, of course. But who cares?

My favorite deal is the low price on the bags of frozen cooked shrimp and salmon fillets. We love seafood around here, and are grateful to be able to enjoy eating more of it. In fact, one of our new favorite dishes is penne pasta tossed with basil-infused olive oil and shrimp and topped with freshly grated Parmesan. It's simple, you know? Thus, the basis of its appeal! It sure beats the tired spaghetti sauce topper we've known forever.

On deck this week is salmon burgers, broccoli-pesto pasta, cheese ravioli, minestrone and oyster soup, and pork chops and sweet potatoes....

Definitely one delicious week ahead!

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