Monday, July 5, 2010

German Riesling Wine

So, anybody else here celebrate an American holiday with a German wine? it just me? Happy Belated Fourth, Everyone!

Last night was a Polka Dot Riesling (Germany, Pfalz) with chili for dinner, and yes, I concur when the experts say R. goes with nearly any dish, especially spicy. How marvelous is it when one can enjoy wine with a simple bowl of chili?!

Sometimes, and I have especially noticed it with beer, food can completely ruin the taste of alcohol. Not with the PD! I was able to eat, sip, eat, sip, ad nauseum, without grimacing. That says a lot for the wine. I don't recall a high level of acidity, but enough to clear the palate for every bite I took.

But, I will say, I pay a lot more attention to my food and drink now that I've sort of taken up this food pairing stuff.

Now, the stunner. I finally cracked into the Monchhof Estate Rielsing, paired tonight with an Asian Beef Noodle recipe and WOW! Tantalizing acidic, bubbles on my tongue - and there's no carbonation! Fruity, light, fresh. Really, really good stuff. I may be tracking down other Robert Eymael wines - I think I'm a fan.

But, also, I happened to be finishing my wine as I ate some cantaloupe, and YUCK! The Riesling tasted heinous after I did that. Lesson learned!

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