Monday, June 28, 2010

Blame The Grapes

So, did I have weird wine-related dreams last night!

It's all very sketchy, but I recall ordering some Riesling from some obscure place, and being on pins and needles waiting for it be delivered. Because of that (and other factors), I slept fitfully.

That's it.

On tap for tonight is a Washington state Riesling - Chateau Ste. Michelle and another German - Monchhof. The first one was right around ten dollars, and the German was right around fourteen bucks.

My goal is to try a more expensive Riesling, but the Monchhof was the top priced at the liquor store here in town. Surely, there's got to be some $30 Rieslings out there for me?

Also, I'm totally regretting finishing off the Schmitt-Sohne last night; it would have been very educational to test all three together.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Little German Who Started It All

My husband and I polished off a bottle of Schmitt-Sohne German Riesling tonight, and perhaps there was something in the grapes.

I mentioned the idea of a wine journal to him, and he seemed receptive (although, he did not offer to be the scribe, I noticed). But, then it occurred to me - why not blog? Then I can include pertinent info, reviews, impressions, etc. Not to mention, this might just be a great place to discuss books I'm reading, places I'm visiting, and people I'm talking to.

Ultimately, you all here are looking at two people who have little experience with wine...hopefully that will change.

So, join us, follow along, as we morph into sophisticated cosmopolitans!